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Another project based show this week, as I take you through some of the recent changes behind the scenes at ScreenCastsOnline. If you've been following me on Twitter or on my blog, you'll probably already know that I recently updated the ScreenCastsOnline production studio with another Mac Pro!

This show takes you through some of the reasoning behind the acquisition of the new kit, along with showing you some of the tools and techniques I used to both reconfigure and upgrade my existing Mac Pro and commission the new one.

I also examine why I didn't get one of the new ""Nehalem"" based Mac Pros but decided to go with one of the ""End of Life"" current Mac Pros.

Now before you start wondering, the show is not just for those looking to migrate to Mac Pros but contains a lot of information and useful tips and techniques for anyone considering upgrading or migrating from one Mac to another.

This weeks show covers:

  • Existing Mac Pro Configuration
  • Discussion of RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAiD 5
  • Using SoftRaid
  • Splitting a Mirrored Disk
  • Swapping a System Disk
  • Migration Assistant
  • Using SoftRaid to create a RAID 0 partition
  • Using Disk Utility to create a RAID 0 Partition
  • USing A KVM with a Dual-Link DVI monitor
  • Link Aggregation on a Mac Pro

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