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Tutorial Description

Quicktime is the foundation of Apple's multimedia offerings. With the introduction of QuickTime X in Snow Leopard, Apple have begun the process of re-writing QuickTime from the ground up.

As a result, many of the original capabilities of the QuickTime 7 player have been left out of the latest version of QuickTime X. This first part of a two part series takes a look at both QuickTime X and QuickTime 7, and examines the features still available via the legacy player.

In the first section of the tutorial we look at some of the great new features of QuickTime X including screen recording.

The tutorial also includes a section on the new video encoding capabilities of OSX Lion, as well as looking at extending the core capabilities by the use of OSX services and Automator.

In the final part of the tutorial, we start to examine some of the additional features in QuickTime 7 including editing and exporting.

The full members tutorial includes sections on

  • QuickTime Overview
  • QuickTime X Player
  • Screen Recording with QuickTime X
  • Editing with QuickTime X
  • Movie Inspector in QuickTime X
  • Exporting with QuickTime X
  • Encoding in OSX Lion
  • QuickTime 7 Overview
  • Installing QuickTime 7
  • Editing with Quicktime 7
  • Exporting with QuickTime 7
  • HUDs in QuickTime 7

Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Anthony Cleary

You can get frame by frame editing in QT-7 by selecting the left or right edit tabs and taping the left or right arrow keys to move one frame per click left or right.

John Chryssochoos

I guess my question/comment has to do both with the new site and with quicktime.

When I go to a page for a show (logged in as a member), I can click to watch the show at the top of the page. The problem is the output does not show the 30 second rewind option or the full screen option unless I choose to download the page or chapter by drilling down to those links.

Are these settings that are not turned on in quicktime? I personally would prefer those options turned on for the watch option that is front and center on the show page.

Inevitably what happens is I get about 5 minutes into a show, realize I cant see as well as I like or need to rewind 30 seconds, I then have to close the stream, drill down to the format I want and then get to the same point in the stream that I was at earlier.



Hi John, we're using a basic HTML5 player on the video page. I would imagine it should be possible to add some additional controls to it. Leave it with me.

Frank Petrie

My question is whether Apple would be more likely to add the encoding options of QT7 in iMovie instead of QTX?


I don't think they'll add any additional functionality into QTX, especially with compressor being available as a separate product.

Don, I notice that the voice audio volume is low but the transition sound you use come out quite loud. Am I the only one?

Matthew Leonard

Is it fair to say using QuickTime's built in screen recorder is more basic than the capture application you use? Or why would I choose ScreenFlow over QuickTime?

Keep up the great work.

James Roberts

Don, The export "text to text" and "Text to QT TeXML" do not show up in my export drop down (ends with "Sound to Wave". Do you have something else installed (plugin, etc.) that is supplying that option?
QT Player 7.6.6(1709) pro on 10.7.3

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