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It's been a while since I featured Rapidweaver, but it's still one of the most requested topics to cover.

This week, I take a brief overview of Rapidweaver, followed by a section on a relatively new plugin for Rapidweaver - Stacks, finishing off with some very cool Stacks plugins from Joe Workman.

Rapidweaver is an extremely powerful web creation tool that allows you to create a full website without any HTML knowledge. Simply create blank pages within the application and enter your content. Rapidweaver comes with 10 pre-defined page types for different sorts of content.

Add in the ability to completely change the design of your website with a single click, utilising one of 40 built in website themes, web creation has never been simpler. Complete flexibility is assured by the use of theme styles allowing you to tweak the website to your hearts desire.

One of the main strengths of Rapidweaver is the rapidly expanding ecosystem of Rapidweaver related tools, utilities and themes, all created by third party developers. No need to be constrained to the built in themes, as there are literally hundreds of additional themes available for free or for purchase.

As well as themes, developers have also created Rapidweaver plugins enabling the creation of many different types of web pages.

The second part of the show focuses on ""Stacks"" by YourHead Software.

This is an amazing plugin that allows you to create a special page in Rapidweaver with full control over the layout of text, images and html in a flexible layout - a truly WYSIWYG approach to web page design.

The show also covers some third party stacks, specifically the Fancy Image Stacks by Joe Workman, just one set of stacks from Joe's comprehensive portfolio. These stacks allow you to create sophisticated images effects just using drag and drop, effects that previously would have needed code changes and installation of Javascript and other complex tools and utilities.

In this show I demonstrate the installation of the Fancy Image stacks and how easy it is to configure an image lightbox, allowing thumbnail images to pop out of your website in a smart lightbox panel.

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