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Reminders is a surprisingly powerful application that comes with macOS, iOS and watchOS. With Reminders, you can bridge the gap between your calendar and a to do list. Reminders can be set for when you arrive or leave a location, they can be set for specific times and dates, they can repeat, and they can even be set to remind you to do something when you get into or out of your car.

Reminders even lets you share lists with other Apple users so you can collaborate on tasks. You can use Siri to set up Reminders on your Mac, but Siri on iOS and the Apple Watch, makes Reminders the best tool for when you're on the run.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Mac Reminders Intro
  • By Location
  • In Your Car
  • Touch Bar
  • iOS Reminders
  • Siri with Reminders on iOS
  • Sharing Lists
  • Apple Watch

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Herbert Gobold

I'm using reminders a lot on Mac/ iPhone and was surprised about the excellent tipps and hints. Keep up to show the "basics" of built in apps.
Greetings from Vienna/ Austria,


Excellent! I think we'll do more of these useful tutorials on the core apps.

Richard Johnston

I felt the same as Herbert, I like to see a nice balance of in depth features of built in apps and third party apps. I found this screencast very useful. Now have some shared reminder lists with people having different iCloud accounts, so could not previously sync.


Thanks Richard, keep your eyes peeled for more core apps.

Bartholomew Hamilton

I like a lot of folks have a tremendous amount of to dos coming from mac mail however we did not see about any integration between the two apps. This would have been a very helpful segment. I know there is no OF clipping feature but can you click and drag or is there another more efficient way?

Mike Harahan

Trying to setup location services for Contacts on my Mac per the tutorial. My VCard with home and office addresses is selected in Contacts. When I go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy and select the Privacy pane my list of apps does not include Contacts unlike Allison's list in the tutorial (in the Location chapter). I got to a Senior Advisor at Apple who told me Contacts should not be in the list. I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. Was Allison running an earlier version of Sierra in the tutorial? Might explain difference. Note also Spotlight not in my list of apps I can check to allow location services.

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