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One of the most common questions I get asked is "How do you access your Mac remotely?", followed by "How do you access your friends and family's Macs to offer remote support".

The answer is TeamViewer!

TeamViewer is a fully featured remote support solution that is free for private use. It's really easy to access other Macs or set up your own Mac for remote access. In this week's show, I take you through the installation and setup, as well as going through some common scenarios. I also take a brief look at the TeamViewer for iOS application, which allows you to access and control any Mac from your iPad.

I'll cover the iOS application more fully in next week's iOS show - SCOI0150

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction & Installation
  • TeamViewer Control Panel
  • Remote Access Tools
  • TeamViewer Quick Support
  • Setup Unattended Access
  • Using a TeamViewer Account
  • TeamViewer on iOS

Video Tutorial Comments

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James S

Just what (I hope) I need, especially now the idea of using LogMeIn is waning given they're moving from free to charged. Excellent stuff!

Also checked-out your show with the baked-in solution of ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) you did from a couple of years ago.

ARD seems to be a bit more focused on easily dealing with multiples of machines, from the looks of it.

Options, options – all good stuff to ponder over!
Greatly appreciated, thanks Don.

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