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Following on from last week's look at some of the basic features of Lion, this tutorial examines three technologies which go a long way to making the Lion experience unique.

Resume - This section shows you how to configure your Mac for system wide and application specific resume functions. Want to have all your applications and windows re-open in exactly the same place when you restart - easy! Or perhaps you don't? Perhaps you would rather not have that sensitive financial information displayed each time you open Numbers. I show you how to configure both scenarios.

Auto-Save - Never have to re-save a document again, at least as long as the application supports Lion. Save a document once, and all your future changes are saved for you automatically. Never loose any information again because you forgot to save (or even worse, close a document without saving in error - I've done that more times than I would care to reveal!) But where has "File Save As..." gone? I show you the new way of creating copies of your files.

Versions - As well as the Auto-Save goodness, Lion will keep versions of your documents for easy retrieval and restore if required - automatically You can even copy and paste between the old versions and your current document. Want to create a snapshot of that important document - easy!

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