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In last week's show, I covered sharing files with friends and colleagues using third party software and services. Of course, OSX also allows you to share lots of things locally if you're connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wifi network.

There are a whole host of built in services that allow you to share your screen, share files and folders, access shared printers and scanners, setup local web servers to share websites and even share your Internet connection with others around you.

This show is the first of a two part series looking at what sharing services are available on Snow Leopard and how you configure and use them. With the built in Bonjour zero configuration technology included with OSX, it's surprisingly easy!

In this week's show I take you through Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Printer and Scanner Sharing. In detail, the show covers:

  • Screen Sharing in OSX
  • Disabling Sharing for Security
  • Setting up Screen Sharing
  • Bonjour Zero Configuration
  • Screen Sharing Configuration
  • ScreenSharingMenulet
  • File Sharing in OSX
  • Setting up Shares
  • Browsing Shares via The Finder
  • Setting up a Printer in OSX
  • Sharing a Printer in OSX
  • Scanner Sharing in OSX
  • Accessing a Shared Scanner with Image Capture

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