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ScreenFlow is the ultimate video capture and editing tool for creating screencasts. In addition, it's one of the simplest yet powerful linear video editors for standard video projects.

With the recent release of ScreenFlow 7, Telestream have improved performance and added even more features to this very capable app.

In this tutorial, we bring you up to date with all the new features of this great new release.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Interface Changes
  • New Framerate
  • Sample Recording
  • Media Library Overlay
  • Reversing Clips
  • Text Animations & Kerning
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Using Keyboard Maestro
  • Export & Publish

App Store Links:

Mac App Store

Show Links:

Telestream Store

The link below is to the suite of Keyboard Maestro macros demonstrated in the Tutorial. You can import these macros in KeyBoard Maestro under File -> Import Macros... They are supplied for information only and are to be used at your own risk :)

Keyboard Maestro Macros

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Allison Sheridan

Brilliant show, Don! I don't think there's any better way to learn than by watching you. I really got a lot out of this, and would have just kept using 7 as I have 6 all this time but now I know to look for these other features. I

LOVED the Keyboard Maestro stuff - I've been meaning to use it (bought it ages ago) and now I've loaded your macros and tested them out so I can reproduce what you did. Fabulous. I did add some comments to the top of them because by the time I go to use them I'll forget things like where do I put my play head for the close gap one, or to place an In point first before the delete beginning/end cut macro.

Also fabulous to learn that for standard screen casting the Fastest encoding option doesn't end up with artifacts. I know you're a stickler for quality so if it's met your standards, I probably won't even test it myself. Got so much out of this show - thank you!


You're too kind /blush :)

joe mcnally

Don, is there a way of marking favourite screencasts? There are a few I return to for refreshers and some I come across that I plan to take a look at when I have time.

Many thanks.

Jimmy Underwood

You should really learn your terminology. ScreenFlow, and almost every other computer-based video editing software, is a NON-LINEAR video editing system, meaning that you can edit any part in any order. Here's a good reference for you and everyone: [Non-linear editing system](

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