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ScreenFlow v4.0 has recently been released with some great new features added to an already outstanding package.

This week's update show takes you through some of the top level new features, plus some additional hints and tips on how to make spectacular screencasts. I also take a look at using Keynote to create sophisticated animations and use the new Chroma Key feature in ScreenFlow to incorporate them into your ScreenFlow projects.

To learn more about the basics of ScreenFlow, check out the previous ScreenCastsOnline episodes 341- 344 or SCOtutor for ScreenFlow.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Upgrading to ScreenFlow V4.0
  • New Features
  • Nested Clips
  • New Cropping Controls
  • Chroma Key
  • Using Keynote for Animations
  • Media Library Update
  • Closed Caption Support
  • New Core Video and Audio Filters

Video Tutorial Comments

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Donald Burr

Great show! One thing to mention: with Chroma Key, the color you use for the chroma key will become transparent. Which you would NOT want for your subject! So pick a chroma key color that is NOT used in your subject, otherwise e.g. in Don's example, if one of the icons he used was colored green, it would be rendered transparent/invisible. Or if you were using a video of someone who was wearing a green shirt, then you would essentially have a hole where his body was and his head would be floating in space, which is REALLY creepy and probably NOT the desired effect.

Nicholas Barnes

Brilliant, as usual. Good to have you back Don.

William Gillan

Very nicely produced and concisely targeted information as always.

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