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One of the most requested subjects this week - ScreenFlow by Telestream.

ScreenFlow is the premier video screencasting tool, the main application I use to record, edit and encode the weekly ScreenCastOnline shows.

Recently I moved from a workflow including various video editing and recording applications to using ScreenFlow on its own. It's matured into a highly capable and feature rich package, enabling anyone to create their own screencasts to share with friends, family and colleagues. Use it for personal or business use, you'll be amazed at just how useful it can become.

This is the first in a series of Screenflow tutorials that will enable you to become a screencast expert.

The tutorial takes you through first principals of installing and configuring ScreenFlow, as well as covering the important topic of what screen resolutions to chose when recording. I then guide you through recording your first video clip and using the Media Panel and Canvas controls.

In future episodes, we'll be looking in more depth at video capture, editing with ScreenFlow, using ScreenFlow effects and exporting videos.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Installation & Preferences
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Recording a Video Clip
  • Using The Media Panel
  • Moving Media Clips Between Projects
  • Using The Canvas

Video Tutorial Comments

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Mike Grace

This is one of the most exciting screencasts I've seen in my membership. It really stimulated me to start thinking of ways I could use this software (when previously I would have ignored this type).

Probably the most relevant is the fact I can now record software I use occasionally (like Final Cut pro) so I can remember all the commands that are relevant to me. I know I can watch Don's screencasts - but if I record my own then I can just record the commands that are specific to the way I use it.

I think that's going to apply to lots of software once I get it going.

Can't wait until next week. Thank you, Don, for opening my eyes.

BTW - you sound fine this week.



Kevin Murray

I couldn't agree more Mike. Don has stimulated me to produce some short animations of how to use certain aspects of programmes for our Safety and Environmental specialists working on audits in the community.

Jorge Gonzalez

Thanks Don for covering ScreenFlow. I always wondered how you work your magic. I would like to incorporate using ScreenFlow in my real estate business and I can think of a number of topics my clients and customers would benefit from.

Thanks again,

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