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Imagine being able to sign on to hundreds if not thousands of websites with a single username and password. Usually, this would be frowned upon as it could be a highly risky strategy with most standard websites. But there is a safe, secure and free solution to the holy grail of single sign on and thats OpenID.

Wikipedia describes OpenID as . . a decentralized single sign-on system. Using OpenID-enabled sites web users do not need to remember traditional authentication tokens such as username and password. Instead they only need to be previously registered on a website with an OpenIDidentity provider sometimes called an i-broker. Since OpenID is decentralized any website can employ OpenID software as a way for users to sign in; OpenID solves the problem without relying on any centralized website to confirm digital identity. OpenID is increasingly gaining adoption among large sites with organizations like AOL acting as a provider. In addition integrated OpenID support has been made a high priority in Firefox 3 and Microsoft is working on implementing OpenID 2. 0 in Windows Vista.

Don't worry, it's really easy to use as can be seen from this week's show! I'll take you through signing up for a free OpenID identity and demonstrate just how easy it is to use various OpenID enabled sites!

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