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Two parts to this week's tutorial - an update to Microsoft's SkyDrive service and the final instalment of ScreenFlow.

Microsoft SkyDrive - You need to act quickly to claim your 25GB of free storage if you have an existing account plus I show you the new Mac client.

ScreenFlow (Final Part) - Part 4 of one of the most requested subjects this week - ScreenFlow by Telestream.

ScreenFlow is the premier video screencasting tool, the main application I use to record, edit and encode the weekly ScreenCastOnline shows.

This is the fourth and final episode in a series of Screenflow tutorials that will enable you to become a screencast expert. ScreenFlow is the premier video screencasting tool, the main application I use to record, edit and encode the weekly ScreenCastOnline shows.

Recently I moved from a workflow including various video editing and recording applications to using ScreenFlow on its own. It's matured into a highly capable and feature rich package, enabling anyone to create their own screencasts to share with friends, family and colleagues. Use it for personal or business use, you'll be amazed at just how useful it can become.

The tutorial takes you through using and navigating the timeline, working with Clips and transitions, finishing off with publishing and exporting your final screencast.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • New SkyDrive Mac Client
  • ScreenFlow - Part 4
    • Using The Timeline
    • Using Markers
  • Working With Clips
    • Clip Inspector
    • Changing Clip Speed
    • Freeze Frames & Detach Audio
    • Creating Gaps With Scrubber Bar
  • Using Transitions
  • Publishing with ScreenFlow
  • Exporting With ScreenFlow

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Kevin Murray

Just watched part 4 Don and I've got to say you are consistently producing some of the most professional training material I've ever watched. It really is appreciated.
One question and I hope I haven't missed you covering this previously: can I insert small video clips into the Screenflow timeline to demonstrate how to physically do something?

Graham Russell

The new SkyDrive app is rather nice. Unfortunately, unless I've missed something, what I'd personally like is iDisk like drag & drop access directly to my SkyDrive space so I don't have to keep the files I put up there on my machine. What we seem to have here is another dropbox - albeit with a lot more space! Would be nice to be able to switch between iDisk style access or dropbox like syncing... (I know, some people are never satisfied!) Guess I can still do it my way via the web interface though.

Fred Rea

Thank you for the Screenflow segments -it is the reason I signed with you. Your other content is, of course, very good- but I've had Screenflow for some time and never found documentation or training 'that clicked' for me. I >really< hope you do more Screenflow segments. Please.

Russell Harlan

Loved loved the Screenflow series. Please consider doing the "tips and tricks" addendum you mentioned. I'm going to be using Screenflow a lot (corporate training department) so your "lessons learned" techniques would be a big help.

After watching this, I'm confident that I can now use ScreenFlow (for the first time). Very well done explanation, as usual, and thank you!

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