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So you've had Snow Leopard for three weeks or so. Have you found all the subtle differences yet?

No, neither have!

But I have found quite a few, all of which go towards making Snow Leopard a much improved OS.

In part 2 of the Snow Leopard overview series, I explore and expose some of the new (and some not so new) features that you may not yet have discovered.

This week's show includes:

QuickTime X The new and improved QuickTime X player is built on the brand new QuickTime architecture launched with Snow Leopard. I take you through the new interface along with a special section on screen recording and sharing. I also sohw you how to retro install QuickTime 7 if you find you need some of the more advanced features.

Screen Sharing Nothing new here you may think, but Apple have significantly enhanced the capabilities of screen sharing and I show you how.

Menu Bar Icons A little tip to allow you to get more information from your Menu bar icons.

Keyboard Viewer Well the main difference is that it's resizable but when researching this section I stumbled across some functionality I'd not realised existed. A tremendous boon to help you with special and international characters. This isn't a Snow Leopard feature, it was in leopard all along and I didn't know it!

Image Capture I mentioned in a previous show that Snow Leopard would allow you to control the default actions of what applications (or none) load when different devices are plugged in. What I didn't realise was that, as well as this welcome addition to image capture, you can also share your devices across the network and access them from remote machines.

32bit Troubleshooting Some hints and tips if the System Preferences pane restarts are driving you to distraction plus how to get around some issues with 32bit Safari plugins.

So lot's to cover in this weeks show and that's still not the end of it.

Look out for the third part of the overview series in a few weeks time.

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