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Well this was going to be the final Snow Leopard overview show but if I included everything I wanted to cover, it would be an hour long and then still rushed!

So I decided to do a slightly shorter show this week, leaving the way clear for a show all about Services and Automator in two weeks. This week's show focusses mainly on the new Text engine built into Snow Leopard. Some of the features are obvious, but some not so obvious!

I also take a look at some other features such as Wake On Demand, location aware time zones and getting stuff out of the trash. In detail, the chapters for this week are:

  • Enhanced Text Engine
  • Text & Symbol Substitution
  • Spelling Autocorrection
  • Word Break
  • Smart Quotes
  • Smart Copy/Paste
  • Smart Dashes
  • Smart Links
  • Data Detectors
  • Text Transformations & Speech
  • Wake On Demand
  • Displaying Dates
  • Location Aware Time Zones
  • Put Back From Trash

Look out for the fourth and final part of the overview series in a few weeks time.

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