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Looking for a lightweight, clean and fast replacement for the standard Apple Mail client? Sparrow may be just what you've been looking for!

Sparrow is the minimalistic email client optimised for Apple Mail and GMail. With support for IMAP and POP mail services, Sparrow combines power with simplicity. Check out this week's tutorial to learn how to make using email enjoyable again!

Originally designed as a Mac client for GMail, Sparrow came to attention by "borrowing" heavily from the design features of Tweetie. A simple user interface to you email system.

From it's simple beginnings, Sparrow has been expanded and enhanced and now supports Apple Mail as well as a whole host of other IMAP and POP systems.

With it's gorgeous clean lines, Sparrow hides a powerful email client with some great new features, all designed to help you process your email quickly and efficiently. Always wanted to achieve "Inbox Zero"? Sparrow may just bring it into reach.

As well as the Mac client, there is also an iPhone client covered this week on the ScreenCastsOnline iOS tutorial.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Introduction to Sparrow
  • Exploring Sparrow
  • Sparrow Views
  • Common Icons
  • Reading Emails
  • Viewing Attachments
  • Creating a Quick Reply
  • Creating a Full Reply
  • Using Send & Archive
  • Creating a Personalised Signature
  • Creating Emails
  • Creating Attachments - Classic
  • Dropbox & CloudApp Integration
  • Accessing Gmail Accounts

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Frank Petrie

Q: Do you keep the minimalist window always open on your desktop? And if so, isn't it as distracting as always having Tweetie open?


I don't any longer! Really liking the VIP notifications in Mountain Lion so I keep Mail hidden most of the day and a VIP notification pops up for anything important.

Dan Morrow

Now that Sparrow has seen better days and many people are abandoning ship, are you still using it? Many people seem to be going back to Apple Mail as it is improving, or trying out Postbox. If you have changed to something else, perhaps it would be a good topic for a new tutorial!


So disappointed that they have decided to abandon Sparrow. I decided to give up on it as it's not going anywhere and have returned to Apple Mail. Currently playing with MailHub as an add on, but will need to spend more time with it before deciding to cover it.

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