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The traditional "wired" model of having to sync your iOS device with a Mac to access the latest podcasts is just too limiting and extremely frustrating. It means always having to be near to your Mac to sync the latest stuff - not always possible, especially if you're travelling.

There is also a move to start using different iOS devices for different things (if you're fortunate enough to have both an iPad and and iPhone/iPod touch). The iPad is perfect for video podcasts and the iPhone/iPod touch for audio podcasts. There are many 3rd party "podcast catchers"available to allow you to download podcasts directly to your iOS device, but nearly all have a couple of "issues"or missing features. Some are iPhone only, but you can use them in 2x mode on your iPad - not the best idea. Some don't support "protected feeds", so that makes them unusable with ScreenCastsOnline and other premium content. Some don't support chapters. Some are just out and out buggy!

Eventually, I've managed to find an application that works great on the iPhone, iPad and iPad touch, supports fully "protected feeds"and is optimised for video podcasts allowing you to access chapters directly. A major plus is that it also has a pro-active and passionate developer who continues to support his application.

It has a ton of other features too, including an easy way to migrate your podcasts from iTunes using OPML and eMail. The application is called iCatcher and is available from the iTunes store for just £1.49

This week's tutorial takes you through the process of initially subscribing the ScreenCastsOnline members feeds in iCatcher!, allowing you to download the members tutorials directly to your iOS device. I also take you through a tour of some of the playback controls as well as demonstrating how effective iCatcher! is at playing video podcasts with chapters.

The second part of the tutorial takes you through the process of exporting your iTunes library via OPML, and splitting the file in separate files for video and audio podcasts, then using those files to migrate all your audio files to your iPhone or iPod touch, and your video podcasts to your iPad. Very simple to do and could save you a lot of time manually re-subscribing!

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Edward Anton

I've inadvertently deleted the Jan newsletter that details the necessary steps for subscribing to 2012 feeds via iCatcher. Please help! I need to know the correct rss or url to utiise iCatcher. Thanks!

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