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I've covered "tagging" files and folders before, but never managed to cover one of the most useful application - Leap.

So this week, I've asked Todd to take a look at Leap, and show some of the concepts behind this unique way of tagging, searching and organising your files and folders.

Whilst some of us prefer to keep a rigid structure to our files and folders, there are alternatives. Using tagging, you can organise your files and folders in a much more flexible way. Once tagged, it's easy to retrieve your files in multiple ways and use flexible search terms to find your documents.

Leap uses the Open MetaData standard to tag your files, folders and even applications, and contains the tools to help you tag and retrieve your data.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Installation
  • Leap User Interface
  • Tagging Files & Folders
  • Tagging Applications
  • The Tag Drawer
  • Search Using the Crumb Trail
  • Searching with the Tag Cloud
  • Using the Bookmarks Bar
  • Conclusion

Video Tutorial Comments

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Dag Inge Fjeld

Thanks for a good screencast on Leap. I have already bought Yep from the same company. I'm a little confused about the similarity between those apps. What would Leap do for me that Yep doesn't, and how do they create good synergies?


Todd Olthoff

Great question! Leap and Yep handle similar things and are laid out the same as well. Yep is for pdf's & iWork/Office documents. I has built in scanner support to save & archive your documents. Leap handles all the documents on your system & is more of a search tool than an archive tool. Depending on your needs you could replace Yep with Leap. But if you want the scanning support, etc. than you could use both together. I hope that helps. They are very similar products.

Colin Croft

I downloaded a trial version from the Macupdate website and was pleased to discover that Leap was able to pick up tags created by other applications - what a time saver!
Great show Todd!


Todd Olthoff

Thanks Colin! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Leaps ability to recognize tags is great and so is its ability to convert spotlight comments to OpenMeta Tags. It's nice not to have to redo everything:).

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