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AirPlay is the technology built into iOS and OSX to enable the transmission of digital content between devices.

From its humble beginnings as AirTunes, sending audio to Airport Express devices, it's been expanded to include video as well as audio, and is now available across every Apple device.

This week's show takes you from the genesis of AirPlay to it's current. wide ranging capabilities and beyond.

I take a look at the configuration of AirPlay for Audio and Video on both iOS and Mountain Lion using both Bluetooth and WiFi to various devices. As well as looking at how AirPlay is integrated in iTunes, I also look at how you can use the AirPlay audio sources to transmit any Audio on your Mac to AirPlay devices.

With the introduction of AirPlay mirroring in Mountain Lion, I also take a look at outputting your Mac's screen to an Apple TV.

The second half of the show takes a look at some of the third party solutions that take AirPlay to the next level.

Using Airfoil to capture audio from any plication on your Mac and transmitting it to multiple AirPlay receivers, not just limited to supported Apple devices - send your audio to other Macs with AirFoil Speakers, even other iOS devices with AirFoil Speakers touch. Or how about to an Android tablet or phone!

I also take a look at video mirroring from your iOS device using AirServer and Reflector - capture your iOS screen on your Mac for a great gaming experience or to capture using ScreenFlow.

Finally, I cover some other uses of AirPlay such as using a Raspberry Pi as and AirPlay receiver or setting up a Sonos system to use AirPlay.

Please note that due to the crossover between iOS and Mac, this show is being included in both the iOS and Mac feeds this week - no separate iOS and Mac show this week.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Genesis of Airplay
  • Airplay on iOS
  • Airplay on the Mac
  • Sending Single Audio Stream - Not From iTunes
  • Airplay Mirroring in OSX
  • Whole House Audio with AirFoil
  • Video Mirroring to a Mac
  • Airplay & Raspberry Pi
  • Airplay & Sonos

Video Tutorial Comments

(10 comments posted)

Gill Vardy

Love it!!! I have been waiting a long time for this! Thank you very very much Don!

Michael Sarros

Thanks Don for another great show!! Quick question: are there any turnarounds for Mac Airplay for older machines?
Many thanks for this!


You might want to checkout AirParrot for older Macs

David Price

Good show, Don. I have been using AirPlay with an iPad and Apple TV hooked up to a video projector to teach an iPad community education course. It worked out very well, but when I stopped using the iPad for several minutes the AirPlay connection dropped... as if it timed out. I think the next time I teach the course I'll just hook up the iPad to the projector with a cable.

I liked your using a video camera to show the iPad screen so the viewer can see the gestures, and see which controls you touch on the iPad. In my class I used a laser pointer to draw attention to the various controls on the iPad screen. I searched for a pointer type iOS app. There are some that work only with some apps, but couldn't find any that work everywhere. If you know of one please post.


Not being able to record taps and swipes on the iPad screen in the bane of my life! We really need Apple to include that functionality as part of the accessibility features of iOS

Derek Benn

Great tutorial! I thought I knew everything about AirPlay but have learnt a few there! Only one other comment, it's AIR play not UR play! Suppose its your accent!


Oi! Leave my accent alone ;-)

Jared Apperson

Great show Don! I too enjoyed your use of the video camera with the iPad.

Surprised you didn't mention AirParrot anywhere during the tutorial. Or did you, and I missed it? Anyway, it's a fantastic app, that allows older Macs to AirPlay Mirror their screen, and in addition, allows you to do so very selectively... say a specific app, or to just extend your desktop rather than full mirror.



I think I mentioned it in passing. Perhaps I can revisit in a future show.

Kerry Dawson

Don super show as usual. I learned a lot about AirPlay that I knew was there but never took advantage of. For the first time I watched one of your tutorials on my flatscreen TV rather than my iPad. Great stuff!

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