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Time for an update on two of my favourite productivity applications - TextExpander 5 and Keyboard Maestro 7.

In this week's episode, Todd Olthoff takes us through some of the new features of these stalwart Mac OS X applications.

TextExpanders ever increasing power now allows you to expand pretty much anything, from the simplest of text snippets to multi-field forms and even JavaScript.

Keyboard Maestro is the quickest and easiest way to create macros to automate your keystrokes. It now includes many new features including new menus, autocomplete, enhanced mouse positioning support and more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to TextExpander
  • Snippet Reminders
  • Snippet Suggestions
  • Snippet Previews
  • Snippet In-line View
  • JavaScript Support
  • Additional Statistics
  • Keyboard Maestro Introduction
  • Gear Menu
  • New Macro Triggers
  • Autocomplete
  • Mouse Display
  • Combining TextExpander 5 with Keyboard Maestro 7
  • Sharing Macros & Stats in Keyboard Maestro 7

Video Tutorial Comments

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Kurt Werstein

Just a comment. I personally find the automation shows produced to be most worthwhile. However, I often find these shows to only scratch the surface of the application. It would be nice to see these applications presented again, but for a different specific purpose or workflow.


Hi Kurtois, I know what you're saying! Perhaps we can revisit this in the future or use some real life examples next time.

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