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This week, I take a look at an invaluable application that has been enhanced with some pretty significant new features - TextExpander touch - now at V2.

Now with full support for rich text snippets, fill in snippets, selection range snippets and much more!

As you're probably aware, I'm a big fan of TextExpander on the Mac. TextExpander allows you to create "snippets" of text, and use these in supported apps by simply typing an abbreviation. There has been a version of TextExpander for iOS for a while - TextExpander touch. The only issue was that TextExpander touch was very limited, with support for only plain text snippets. The recent release of v2 has enhanced the application significantly, and brings a lot of the functionality from the Mac version to iOS.

In addition, you can now create these advanced snippet types directly on your iOS device and sync these with your other iOS devices and your Mac using Dropbox. TextExpander touch v2 now supports the x-callback-url specification, allowing it to fully interact with some of your favourite applications such as Drafts.

For full TextExpander touch v2 functionality, supported apps need to be updated to the new version. Drafts already has been, but if your favourite app hasn't been, drop a note to the app developers asking for the update. In the meantime, you can use the built in "Notes" functionality of TextExpander touch to create emails of create text to copy to other apps.

All is explained in this week's show.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Rich Text Snippets
  • New Insert Feature
  • Selection Range Snippet
  • Fill In Snippets

Video Tutorial Comments

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Federico De Obeso C.

Hi Don.
Thanks for another great screencast. I have a comment on the overall iOS screencasts:
I'm primary user of iPhone (5), did used to work on iPad, but currently i use more a MacBook Air 11". Most times apps vary from the iPad to the iPhone version, like TextExpander. I do learn a lot after viewing this show on improving the way I work with the iPhone version. What would be very nice is to show the iPhone version of the app on the show.

Thanks a lot!

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