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If you work with text, you need TextSoap!

TextSoap is the perfect application for fixing or cleaning your text.

With over 100+ built in text cleaners, TextSoap will fix all those niggling problems with your text, from extra spaces and returns to stripping out unwanted strings or even HTML code. You can even create your own simple text cleaners to match your requirements exactly, or built complex conditional cleaners to do things you never thought possible. Either way, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

In the tutorial, I walk you through the basic User Interface and introduce you to some basic cleaners, moving on to customising and even creating your own cleaners. I also use plenty of real world examples to give you a taste of the tasks you can use TextSoap 7 for.

This full tutorial includes sections on:

  • Introduction to TextSoap 7
  • TextSoap UI
  • Cleaning Text With SCRUB
  • Cleaning eMail Text
  • Cleaning HTML Text
  • Batch File Cleaning
  • Customising MyScrub Cleaner
  • Creating Custom Cleaners
  • Creating Cleaner Groups
  • Creating Advanced Cleaners
  • Exporting and Importing Cleaners
  • TextSoap Menu

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Chris Brown

I use TextSoap all the time, and have set up many custom regex cleaners.

One that I use often is for extracting a list of unique IP addresses from Apache logs when isolating spam traffic to report for abuse.
But I have only used it as a saved regex, and not converted it into a specific custom cleaner to show on the menu. I can't believe I completely forgot to do that ... and it's so simple to do.

So thanks for the great reminder, and the well-presented overview of TextSoap's many features.

I learned several other new things from this lesson today too.

In fact, you can feel free to quote me:

One thing I greatly appreciate about SCO Tutorials -- I'm always learning new things, even for apps I already use regularly. Seeing how others use apps inspires me to think of things in different and more efficient ways. Makes my productivity better. Thanks!

Kiaran Lomas

I found this to be a very interesting application. I'd love to justify the purchase, but I really don't do enough work with text to justify. But for those who do work with text, I'm not sure how you would survive without out it.

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