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Things 3 is the latest update to the popular task management application by Cultured Code, and is is currently receiving rave reviews. So much so that we've been inundated with requests to cover it on ScreenCastsOnline!

Things 3 is available for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad and includes syncing between all three platforms. Redesigned from the ground up, Things 3 has with a brand new UI design, along with many new features and enhancements which we cover in this screencast.

UPDATE: Things 3 has just been awarded an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2017!

The full tutorial covers

  • Installation & Set Up
  • Interface Overview
  • Adding Tasks to Things
  • Quick Entry & Auto Fill
  • Sharing Extensions
  • Organize by Project or Area
  • Project Organization
  • Things Workflow
  • Quick Find
  • Things Cloud Sync Set Up
  • Things iPad Up & Sync
  • Magic Plus
  • iOS Swipe Features
  • Siri Integration

App Store Links:

Things 3 - Mac App Store

Things 3 (iPhone) - iOS App Store

Things 3 (iPad) - iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Tommy Weir

Really nice job, Todd. I've enjoyed the switch to Things 3, having used Things 1 in the distant past. I had stuck with The Hit List and Folding Text in the interim but have settled back on Things with this new release.

Users may find themselves stumbling a little with the different status of things like Areas, Headings, Projects, Todos, Checklists. It's quite a break from the task manager approaches to date. I have found that they do actually aid focussing and organisation, you can expand or contract your 'view' as needed or as you use it. So more liberating than it first appears. Worth exploring the trial for people.

The positively tactile nature of the design which is great might hide the fact that one thing which greatly speeds up navigating the Mac version is picking up the keyboard shortcuts, definitely worth learning.


Todd Olthoff

Thanks so much Tommy! Glad you liked the show! I have always loved Things and it's simplicity and design. Yeah the keyboard short cuts have really improved and make things faster not he Mac for sure! Thanks again and have a great week!

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