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Time Machine must be one of the most useful features of Leopard and should be mandatory for all Macs users.

The fact is many people don't backup their critical or precious personal data and leave it until it's too late. Time Machine takes away the pain of undertaking and organising your backups but it does need additional investment in hardware.

A simple firewire disk is adequate for most people, but what if you have several Macs? What if you'd like to buy a new disk but you want that wireless router as well?

The answer is to take a look at Time Capsule, the latest backup device from Apple designed specifically for Leopard users and Time Machine.

But in fairness, to call it just a backup device does it a disservice. It's a multi-function machine with many roles:

Backup Device: 500GB or 1TB of storage built right in. Enough to service a single mac or multiple macs. Centralise all your Time Machine backups.

Wireless Device: Includes a full blown 802.11n wireless hub allowing you to create a wireless network or join an existing wireless network. You can backup your devices wirelessly and automatically.

GigaBit Network Switch: Includes three wired Gigabit ethernet ports so you can connect wired devices to your network.

Expandable: Add additional USB drives to expand your storage - never run out of space for your backups!

Print Server: Connect a printer and access your printer across the network from both wired and wireless devices.

The real beauty of Time Capsule is just how easy it is to setup and use and that's where this weeks show comes in.

In the show I cover:

  • Time Capsule Overview
  • Typical Networking Scenario
  • Installing & Configuring Time Capsule
  • Adding Additional Storage to Time Capsule
  • Access Time Capsule with Time Machine

As well as Time Capsule, Apple have also introduced the ability to add additional USB storage devices to existing Airport Extreme devices. It's not as straight forward as Time Capsule but if youe have an existing Airport Extreme, it's an extremely cost effective way of centralising your Time Machine backups.

Consequently the show also covers:

  • Adding Drives to Airport Extreme
  • Configuring AirPort Extreme Disks
  • Accessing Airport Extreme Disks via Time Machine.

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