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If you have an iCloud account, you are allocated 5GB of iCloud storage for free, as part of your iCloud account.

The problem is, with the increasing need for iCloud storage, 5GB is not enough for most people.

Up until now, the only option was for each individual to pay for additional iCloud storage each month.

However, with the introduction of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, it's now possible for families using iCloud Family Sharing to have a single paid tier of iCloud storage and use it as a shared pool of storage.

In this weekly tip, I demonstrate how to set up iCloud Storage Family Sharing, and how each family member can access it, on both macOS and iOS.

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Jeff Lambert

What happens if not all devices are running iOS 11 and/or MacOS High Sierra? My daughter has an iPod touch that can't run the latest iOS, and the same thing with her mac, but she has an iPad that is running iOS 11. If she joins the family sharing plan on her iPad, will it work on her other two devices?


Hi Jeff, As far as I'm aware, the iPod touch won't use iCloud storage? However, she should be OK on her non-HS Mac. The shared iCloud storage should appear.

James S

The only point of failure is what happens if the "family" need _more than 2TB's_ of pooled data? Presumably (as Apple only currently offer a maximum of 2TB's per plan: individual or family) you'd be forced to go back to separate individual plans again, lol!
What Apple giveth; Apple taketh away.

Looks likely that in future, Apple will allow family members to share files too, I'd guess. But whether this extends to to non-family members, we'll have to see, but I'd guess not.


That's a great point James. I was wondering if another Family member could buy a separate 2TB storage and add it into the family pool, but it looks like that's not possible. Only one family member can shared with the family. Hopefully Apple will enable a similar feature or simply just allow for a larger tier than 2TB.

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