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macOS High Sierra will soon be here - due for release on the 25th September 2017 - and there are a few things you might want to do before you commit to upgrading.

This tip video suggests one or two critical considerations that may save you a ton of trouble.

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James S

–Public Service Announcement: Re-downloading Sierra 10.12 from the Mac App Store–

If you've previously downloaded "Sierra" (10.12) from the Mac App Store, it does *NOT* show under your "Purchased" tab in the MAS app. This is a deliberate behaviour from Apple, as from Sierra onwards they are not tying the OS to Apple IDs anymore.

The question still remains unclear on whether post release later today (25.Sep.2017) of "High Sierra" (10.13), whether Sierra will still be available to download at all from the MAS (or it might only remain available for a few weeks/months afterwards?), so users may/may not want to download a copy of the Sierra installer app for safe keeping. It's a shame that Apple are not being clear on it's future availability, and what the position is going to be every year on this. Links below:

"macOS Sierra or later doesn't appear in the Purchased tab. Instead, use the Search field in the upper-right corner to find and open the App Store page for that macOS."

Info on options:

Useful MR forum post:

Good luck! ;-)

James S

Update, following High Sierra release:
1) There is NO version of Sierra via search and find in the MAS. The old link:
2) Currently, there is NO Apple support article with a link to the FULL installer in the MAS (or elsewhere) [unlike the previous El Capitan had: ].
3) The only download available is the Sierra 10.12.6 "Combo Update" which is NOT the full installer, just the updates rolled together AFAIUI:

AppleCare phoned, and got nowhere with them. Don't waste your time.

James S

A) This Sierra installer app link is now live again to get it:
B) There is now a new Support Article about it as well ("Published Date: Oct 17, 2017"):

So Apple clearly removed all remnants of the Sierra installer during the initial release of High Sierra. And have now re-added the Sierra installer back. (deliberate/planned action vs. acting on complaints vs. something else – who knows, lol!?)

Jim Leff

I was wondering why you kept talking about a "beautiful backup". Didn't sound like your normal discourse.

Bootable. Got it.

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