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iOS 11 brings with it new ways to re-arrange the icons on your home screen in bulk no more dragging individual icons. You can now grab a bunch to move to a different screen, or even to create folders.

All is revealed in this week's tip video.

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Freitas Dennis

Hi Don and crew! I can.t seem to hover an app icon over another without getting it to "pop into a folder". Am I missing something? Thanks, Don!


Hi Dennis, Good to hear from you!

This will happen if you select one icon and drag it to another. However, to make a stack of icons, when in jiggle mode, drag one icon away from its original position and then tap other icons to join it. Hope that addresses the issue you are having.

Wayne LeFevre

Hi Don! Long time no hear from. Ask you a question on this tutorial? For whatever reason, when I drag the first icon down, as soon as I release it to get another icon to group with it the first icon will automatically take it's place with the other icons. In other words, they will move fine, but won't group with other icons. That make sense? Is there a setting that has to take place first? Thanks for the help. Wayne


Gilles Le Pors

Hi Wayne, Long time indeed!

There's no special setting, it should just work. Feel free to send me a screen recording over to [email protected] and I'll take a look.

David Winograd

I tried your solution to Dennis, but it doesn't work for me. I can't get icons to stack without turning into a folder. If I don't put one on top of another the icons just seem to make room without stacking as it always was.
What am I doing wrong?

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