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The new iPhone X is out and in this video, I take you through the unboxing and initial setup of the iPhone X.

After a just a few days of use, it feels like Apple have reinvented the iPhone. Face ID and the new gestures are a delight to use.

Face ID works flawlessly, although there are some areas where it can't replace Touch ID -- such as when leaving your iPhone on a desktop -- but in most instances, it's comparable or even better than Touch ID.

Using Face ID to authenticate within apps is fantastic, and even quicker than Touch ID in most cases. Add in the beautiful design and the gorgeous OLED screen, and I think Apple have a winner.

I've even learnt to embrace the notch as it's really a non-issue if case you're wondering!

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James S

Nice opener. Amazing that the screen is 99%+ (not quite 100%, according to various sources that have pixel-by-pixel measured it!) of the iPhone Plus size, yet in a much easier to handle size!

I find the Reachability a bit fiddly, especially when using some cases, as your finger tends to bump into the rim of the case, making activating Reachability a bit hit and miss. Though I did find that if you slightly flick up-then-down quickly, it can often make it work better. Also of note, is that Reachability often doesn't work on the home screen (rather than within apps) very easily, especially just after first waking the device. Minor thing really, that'll likely work themselves out over time.

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