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Siri has been available for the Mac for a while now, but it's not always convenient to talk to your Mac, or have it talk back to you!

Perhaps you're in a coffee shop or a library, or you just don't feel comfortable talking to your Mac.

With macOS High Sierra, it's now possible to type your Siri commands as well as switch off the audio feedback from Siri.

Much more civilised!

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Nenad Matich

How come I do not have Siri under my Accessibility option in iMac preferences.


That's very strange. This may be a silly question but you are running macOS High Sierra?

James S

It's a pity Apple don't allow you opt+click the Siri menubar icon to switch such controls on/off. That would be pretty logical, given other Apple apps in the menubar allow this. Slightly annoying having to go into the Sys Prefs (or Terminal) for such as basic thing really. Hey ho.

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