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One of the problems of moving to a new iPhone is that the restore process brings everything across. As well as the important information, you also end up with a tonne of applications that you never use and just can't be bothered to weed out.

Wouldn't it be nice to start off with a fresh build of iOS and just the stock apps? You can do this of course (instead of restoring your iPhone) but you'll loose all your Activity, Health and Watch data.

In this tip video, I demonstrate how you can do a partial restore to a new or existing iPhone to remove all the detritus, yet keep all your Activity, Health and Watch data. A third-party utility is used to achieve this (do so at your own risk) and there is no guarantee that it will work with future releases of iOS. However, I used it on my iPhone X and it worked amazingly well! The developers have stated that it is supported on iOS 11.2 beta so it looks promising!

Decipher Activity Transfer is free, but there is a paid version that allows you to transfer additional components in addition to your Activity and Watch data.

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Deciper Activity Transfer

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Michael Maloney

Do you know if it is possible to merge two sets of activity data? When my wife bought an iPhone 7, I set it up as new because i thought it would alleviate a problem she was having. At the time, I couldn't find a way to export the activity data, so it got abandoned on her old iPhone. I do have a backup of that iPhone (actually we kept the iphone as a backup but have never used it as such!). So now she has almost a years worth of activity data on her new iPhone that would be nice to combine with the old data. Thanks for all your help through the years. Mike

Michael Maloney

I figured it out with the help of Kelly at Decipher Media. I hadn't realized that iOS 11 had introduced storing Health data in iCloud. It was just a matter of turning that feature on with both iPhones and the data flowed together seamlessly. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction!

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