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Use bookmarks in Safari on both macOS & iOS to keep track of all your favourite websites.

In this tip video, we show you how bookmarks are organised and synchronised between all your devices.

We also demonstrate how easy it is to save bookmarks in the location of your choice.

Video Tutorial Comments

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Martin Turner

Too bad Apple doesn't seem to have heard of the English language alphabet. I have to use Safari Sort to keep my Safari bookmarks in alphabetic sequence! C'mon Apple ... do it right, eh???

William Harris

[00:02:06.268] Let me go ahead and say Edit,
I say edit and nothing happens
I don;t see any "edit" to click
right click brings up nothing


William Harris

I see "Edit" on the screencast
It does not appear on my Safari on my screen
will research this elsewjere


William Harris

Controll Click brings up drop down with "Edit"
some might call this intuitive, I don't

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