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Ulysses is a fantastic plain text editor for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. It allows you to create plain text documents or "sheets" and use markdown formatting to control the final look and format of your writing. PDF, ePub, HTML, Text, DOCX and even publishing to Medium are all included in this great app, giving you ultimate control of your writing.

As well as a wealth of formatting and exporting capabilities, Ulysses takes away the pain of managing your documents across all your devices. All your sheets are contained in a single Ulysses library, that syncs amazingly well with iCloud. It will even allow you to edit external files from a multitude of sources.

This second and final episode focuses on the more advanced principles of Ulysses and demonstrates some of the hidden power of this terrific application.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Sheets - Navigation
  • Sheets - Splitting & Merging
  • Advanced Editing
  • Smart Paste
  • Preview & Export
  • Export Styles
  • Themes
  • Distraction Free Writing
  • Filters & Searching
  • Working with External Files & Folders
  • Ulysses on the iPad
  • Working with Sheets - iPad
  • Goals & Tracking - iPad
  • Styles & Themes - iPad
  • Environment & Search - iPad
  • External Files - iPad

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Mitch Jackson

Great screencast, Don. I'm a regular user of Ulysses, but you gave some tips that I wasn't aware of. Well worth viewing, as usual. For instance, the External Folders section was particularly helpful and insightful.

As a heads up, Dropbox integration is coming soon. It's in beta now. Which is great news.

vsa jewel

I'm new to your site and love your tutorials. I'm under my free trial right now and trying to decide if I should main objective was to learn Ulysses for iPad. Can I make one suggestion about that? I don't know how you would/could do this but if you had a way for ios users to know where the ios section starts in the video...say a minute marker...I'd find that really helpful.

I get that knowing about all these functions is important regardless of platform. But I find myself only half paying attention thinking repeatedly 'well, that's cool but you probably can't do it on ios'. So I'm now trying to find where the ios portion starts...I'll watch that and then go back and rewatch the Mac portion. Does that make sense? I love Pixelmator and was going to watch your guide for that too...however, I suspect that I'll run into the same situation. It's not an easy request...I know, but may have broader appeal than just me :-)



The chapter markers usually refer to iOS so you can skip straight to them using the chapter pop up in the navigation bar on the Mac, or skip chapters by tapping on the chapter forward or back controls in iOS.

vsa jewel more thing..I just found the transcript, but even scrolling through that for a few minutes didn't really help find where ios begins. I ended up doing a 'search page for iPad' search which brought to 30:00 roughly...but many people don't know how to search a webpage for a I think my suggestion still stands.

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