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Three of my favourite apps have had some significant updates recently - Hazel, Skitch and Evernote.

In this week's show, I take a look at the updates, to bring you up to speed with the latest functionality.

Note: The new Skitch integration with Evernote is available in Evenote v5.2 which is currently in beta. If you don't have the "Update to beta versions when available " checkmark checked in Evernote preferences, you will need to download the beta or wait for the next official update to Evernote.

Hazel - Some new pattern matching features plus the ability to upload files via rules. Ever wanted to rename a scanned document based on a date within the document, rather than the date you scanned it? Well now you can as Hazel can search for dates and other strings within the contents of your files.

Skitch - Slowly but surely, the features of the old Skitch application are returning, along with some brand new ones! I take a look at the new pixelation and stamp tools now available in the new Skitch for Mac. I also take a look at the new Skitch Summary available when annotating PDFs (Evernote Premium feature)

Evernote - Reminders are one of the most requested features, and now they are here. Assign reminders to your notes and setup notifications for dates or times. View all your reminders or just those for a certain notebook. You can even arrange to have an email summary of all your reminders sent to you each day.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Hazel - New in 3.1
  • Skitch - New in 2.6.1
  • Evernote - New in 5.2
    • Evernote - Im proved Skitch Integration
    • Evernote - Reminders
    • Setting Reminders via Email

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Wayne Franklin

I don't seem to get the Skitch icon in Evernote. I updated both applications to the non-App Store versions (knowing that App Store versions are often crippled) but that didn't help. I am a premium Evernote subscriber and the application is aware of that fact. I've searched the settings for something to "turn on" the capability, but no-go.

Any chance that you are demoing a prerelease version? I'm out of ideas, but would really like to be able to markup my Evernote notes with Skitch.


Ronald Felton

This appears to be because 5.2 for the Mac is still in Beta and 5.1 is not updating to 5.2. I had to download the beta myself.


I never realised that 5.2 was in beta. I have the update to beta versions when available checked in my Evernote preferences.

Bartholomew Hamilton

just saw the hazel video and have a question for you- most of my files PDFs come in via my mac mail. Can hazel search mail for PDFs or do I have to first send these files to a separate folder and create the rule around said folder? I guess it would not be a deal breaker but one less step which is what we are ultimately talking about here!


I would imagine you'd need to extract them first. However, there is a new version of Hazel (v4) out and I've not had chance to check that out yet.

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