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There's a general theme in this week's episode - Screen and Video Capture on the Mac and iOS.

With the news that Skitch was to be abandoned on the various platforms except for the Mac, I wondered if it was time to look for an alternative Screen Capture application - just in case!. I'd used Voilà in the past, and decided to revisit this very capable app. In this episode I take a look at all the primary features of Voilà and have now adopted it as my primary screen capture tool.

Please note - Voilà has been superseded by Capto from the same vendor

I also take a peek at Vidyo as promised, a controversial app that was only on the App Store for 24 hrs. Video allows you to capture video screen recordings on your iOS device itself, without the need for a Mac. Since being pulled from the App Store, the developer has said he is looking for alternative ways to distribute the app so all might not be lost!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Voila Introduction
  • Capture Fullscreen
  • Capture Selection
  • Capture Object
  • Menu Capture
  • Tools & Effects
  • Screen Recording
  • iOS Screen Recording
  • Web Capture
  • Camera
  • Smart Collections & Preferences
  • Vidyo - Back Story
  • Quicktime X iOS Capture
  • Vidyo Overview

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Jeff Knouse

Voilà is a great app. On the Mac App store I can buy it for all my computers for $14.95. On the app web site the $14.95 price is only good for one computer. It is more for additional computers. I generally like to buy from the developer directly because of App Store restrictions and the developer gets more of my purchase, but in this case it seem that I will have to pay more than the App Store if I want to put it on more than one computer. Am I missing something?


Christian Hoelscher

Same "problem" here. It might sound a little greedy, but if I understand correctly, the best deal would be to wait for the new release and to buy it when it will be released on the App Store? This would be the only way to pay $14.95 for up to 5 computers. Buying it on the App Store now would mean to pay $14.95 for a soon to be outdated version und to pay the same amount again in some weeks. That is double the price. A little weird.

A pity that the developer does not license on a user basis from its website... A licensing model on a computer basis is not for me...

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