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Actually, the title of this weeks show is a little misleading!

Yes, the utilities featured in this weeks show will make using a large screen monitor easier, but they also will assist you on smaller monitors and even laptops.

This show covers various utilities that can help you with managing how you move your cursor and your windows on screen.

The utilities help you speed up your workflow by giving you some extra control over and above how OSX is designed to work delivering a much more efficient way of working (especially if you do use a large monitor).

For viewers of the free feed, I've included a full segment from the Extra! members only show as a taster but also to see if we can boost the sales of this particular app, for reasons that will become apparent as you watch the clip.

In this weeks full Extra! members only show I cover:

My Mouse Recommendations - A quick look at my Mice of choice - The Logitech MX Revolution Mouse and the VX Nano Mouse. I also give you a demonstration of the benefits of the dual function scroll and flywheel mechanism.

SteerMouse A fully featured advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mouse. SteerMouse allows to to fully program a wide variety of Mice and I show you my most favourite feature - a way to make your mouse pointer zoom across the screen automatically and land dead center on the default button of dialog boxes - no wrist movement required!

DejaMenu A real boon for large screen or multiple monitor setups. You know how OSX arranges the Application menu bar across the top of the primary display? Well it can be a real pain constantly moving the mouse pointer from the left, right or bottom of the screen all the way to the top. And when your application window is on a separate monitor from the application menu bar - grrrr!

Well DejaMenu is a free utility that comes to the rescue by allowing you to assign a key combination to pop up the application menu right under your mouse pointer - no matter where it's located on the screen. In the show I also show you how easy it is to remap the DejaMenu key combo to a single mouse button using SteerMouse.

MercuryMover (This full segment is included in this weeks sampler version of the show and available for free)

Whilst all these tips assist you using your mouse, true power users know that the keyboard is the way to go to speed up your workflow. On any Mac, constantly moving and resizing windows using the mouse can be a real time drain. The constant moving from keyboard to mouse and back again can add seconds to your workflow that over the space of a day, a week and a year, can waste an extraordinary amount of time. So wouldn't it be great to be able to resize and move windows directly from the keyboard with a couple of simple keystrokes?

Well you can using MercuryMover! This simple but effective application allows your to move and resize windows by 1 pixel, 10 pixels or 100 pixels at a time and will also allow you to move or resize to the edge of the screen. You can even center or maximise your selected window with a single keypress. As well as these built in shortcuts, MercuryMover also allows you to save custom keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to save the size, position or both for any window on screen.

Do you always want Safari to be the same size and position when you use it? Well you can reapply a saved setting via MercuryMover and resize and repostition the window everytime with pixel point accuracy. MercuryMover is currently available at a reduced price but ScreenCastsOnline viewers can get an additional 10% off by visiting a special store page. With each copy of MercuryMover sold, $2 of the purchase price will be donated to the National Cancer Coalition

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