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Some great utilities featured in this week's members tutorial.

Yoink - A very smart way of copying files around your system. Originally developed for use with Lion and full screen apps, Yoink pops out a handy side panel whenever you start to drag a file. Just drag the file to the side panel and it's stored for copying somewhere else - a full screen app or somewhere else on your system. Configure the shelf to open on the left or right hand side of your screen, or under your mouse - very neat.

AirDrop - Previously only available to newer Macs, this simple hack will open it up for all your Macs. Using a simple terminal command, you can enable Airdrop to work on most Airport devices that don't support the newer PAN (Personal Area Networking) protocols. There are some caveats but this is a great way to transfer files between your Macs on the same WiFi network.

LaunchBar Refresher - Not still using LaunchBar just for application launching are you? This segment shows you some useful actions and services to get more out of LaunchBar. I take a look at some common actions and explain how to use ""Instant Send"" to act on files in the Finder. I also take a look at installing a Timer action, to enable you to run multiple timers through LaunchBar using an AppleScript created by Justin Blanton

The segment also shows you two new services built into Lion that allow you to encode video and audio files right from within Finder, without the need for any third party applications, accessible via LaunchBar or via the standard OSX services.

New to LaunchBar, is built in integration with Fantastical, the very smart calendar application that allows you to use natural language to set up your events. This segment shows you how to configure and use the Fantastical integration.

Finally, if you're using LaunchBar or any other application launcher, why use the Dock? Following on from a suggestion from Pat Mahon, I show you how to change your dock configuration to remove those garish blue lights and just use your Dock to see what applications are running. Check out the segment to see what I mean!

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