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Keyboard Maestro is an essential productivity app that provides you with a a simple user interface to automate just about any action on your Mac. Version 8 brings a bunch of new features to help you take your automation game to the next level - even if you've never written a single line of scripting code in your life. This update is focused on making the creation of macros as easy as possible, making it quicker than ever to automate common functions so you can start saving time on your Mac today.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Set up a Hyper Key to make hotkey triggers more convenient
  • Gesture-based triggers
  • iMessage actions
  • Drag-and-Drop editing
  • Idle triggers
  • Cron triggers
  • Prompt with List actions
  • Macro palettes on the Touch Bar

...and much more

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iMessage macro

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Idle trigger macro

Sync Calendar Data macro

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Screencasting Off macro

Video Tutorial Comments

(7 comments posted)

Robert Moses

I've tried several times to remap the caps lock key per Mike's instructions but the result is "Escape" rather than the prescribed hot key. Please tell me how to fix this. Also, I lost the assigned functionality of my F5 and F6 keys, which I had assigned to Mail and Safari, respectively. How can I restore them? Thank you, Robert


Mike Schmitz

Hi Robert, are you hitting another key with the Caps Lock key? If not, that is normal behavior according to Brett's post where I got this to work:

The F5 and F6 functionality is a setting in Karabiner Elements. If you launch Karabiner Elements and select "Function Keys" you'll see that as a feature you can remap your Function keys and I'm guessing that your custom mappings are now being overridden by these preferences. If you change the dropdown to standard F5 and F6 for those keys respectively, that should solve your issue.

Kor Vos

For High Sierra it is not needed to enter the Terminal command to see the hidden files and folders.
shift cmd dot ( ⇧⌘. ) can be used to display these hidden files, the same key combination can after that be used to hide the hidden files again.

Unless you have a AZERTY keyboard, than the combination is shift cmd FN dot ( ⇧⌘FN. )


Mike Schmitz

Thanks for the tip Kornelis!

David Russell

I have hyper key working great. Is there anyway to replace "escape" with "no_function"? So when I press Caps Lock unaccompanied nothing happens.

Alex Wilson

This course for an advance not for a beginner I thought you are going to explain from the beginning. I was a bit disappointed it and I had to watch many Youtube first then I backed to watch your course.

Jean-François Brissette

Hi Alex,

Since this was an update course for a newer version of Keyboard Maestro, Mike did not start from the very beginning, you are absolutely right.

To learn about the basics of Keyboard Maestro, I can recommend a few of our other screencasts:

- Mac Automation - Part 1 ( — where Mike has a section on automating with Keyboard Maestro.

The two courses below are from a previous version of Keyboard Maestro, but the basic concepts haven't changed:
- Keyboard Maestro - Part 2 (
- Keyboard Maestro - Part 1 (

Finally, one of our frequent ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine contributors, David Sparks, published an excellent Field Guide fully dedicated to Keyboard Maestro:

Hope this helps,

J.F. Brissette
Supervising Editor, ScreenCastsOnline

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