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Bartender 5

Date : 1st December 2023

Duration: 26:54

Show ref: SCOM1313

Bartender 5 is required for macOS 14 (Sonoma) and also comes with big improvements in capability. You can now create Profiles for the different contexts in which you work, and you can set up automations with Triggers based on apps, battery, location, WiFi network, time, and even scripts.Allison demonstrates how all of this works, and also shows you how this version of Bartender lets you style your menu bars like never before.

Setapp Recommendations

Date : 15th April 2022

Duration: 29:56

Show ref: SCOM1143

With over 230 apps to choose from, Setapp is a no-brainer subscription service for Mac and iOS. In this show, Don gives a brief overview of 8 utilities that are offered in Setapp, and that he uses daily to enhance his computing experience.

Bartender 4

Date : 15th January 2021

Duration: 32:15

Show ref: SCOM1013

If you live on a small screen or have a lot of menu bar items, you need Bartender. This great utility, which has gone through a major redesign only for Big Sur, brings huge advancements in how you can control your menu bar items. With Allison as your guide, you learn about Bartender's many features and how to best customize them for your specific workflow.

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Bartender & Clarify

Date : 15th June 2013

Duration: 27:41

Show ref: SCOM0404

Two parts to this week's tutorial, covering two fantastic Mac utilities:

Bartender - It's so easy to run out of space on your Menu Bar as it seems every app wants to install a MenuBar icon. Take back control of your MenuBar with Bartender.

Clarify - There are sometimes when a step by step guide is just what you need. Clarify takes the pain out of creating and updating documentation with a built in screen capture tool, and optimised annotation tools. Once you've created your documentation, export as PDF, share to DropBox or Evernote or host using a free account on Clarify-it.com.