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Tip - Bear for iPad

Date : 12th September 2023

Duration: 11:39

Show ref: SCOM1290

In show 1281, Lee covered Bear 2.0 on macOS, showing off some of the new features that bring it back up as a serious contender once more in the crowded note-taking space.

As taking notes on iPad is a wonderful experience, Lee show you how you can use Bear on the go, sync it to your iCloud account and secure it on a mobile device, whilst using your Apple Pencil to write and draw.

Revisiting Bear

Date : 11th August 2023

Duration: 31:51

Show ref: SCOM1281

After receiving an Apple Design Award in 2016 on its first release, Bear has seen a lot of competition from other Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) applications.

With a re-engineered design, Bear 2.0 is here and it's added a number of features that fans of the app have been asking for. These include tables, nested Styles, folding of text and auto-hiding Markdown when it's typed. Add to that support for footnotes, link and PDF previews, image resizing, and more. This is a worthy update and Lee walks you through it in this screencast.

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Bear - Notes for iPad, iPhone & Mac

Date : 17th February 2017

Duration: 45:45

Show ref: SCOM0605

Bear is the new kid on the block as far as plain text editing on the Mac, iPad and iPhone is concerned.

Despite being a committed Ulyssess and Scrivener user, my interest was piqued by the glowing reviews and the fact that Bear was selected as "App of the Year" 2016 by Apple.

After using Bear for a couple of weeks (and the fact that I received many requests), I decided that it would be remiss of me not to cover Bear on ScreenCastsOnline - it really is a beautiful app!

However, there is one aspect of the app that may not sit well with some people, and that's to enable syncing between devices (and to switch on some other functionality), you need to upgrade to Bear Pro, which just happens to be a subscription service.

Consequently, in this tutorial, I focus mainly on the features in the free version, but still take a look at the Bear Pro options.

Well worth taking a look!