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1Password has long been revered as the ultimate password manager for Mac and iOS. Completely rewritten, 1Password 8 is the latest version of this leading app. With a beautiful new interface and lots of new features, it brings another level of productivity and functionality to the Mac. In the first of a two-part series, Don takes a look at some of the basics of 1Password 8 and introduces you to some of its new features, including the brand new Universal Autofill.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction [00:01:01]
  • Creating a New Account [00:05:16]
  • Migrating from 1Password 7 [00:10:02]
  • User Interface [00:13:27]
  • New Item Catalog [00:17:12]
  • Safari Browser Extension [00:26:34]
  • Quick Access [00:28:34]
  • Universal Autofill [00:30:50]
  • Web Access [00:35:24]

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1Password - Home

1Password - Blog

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Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Jim Sauer

As always, this video is very well-done, but I do disagree that it's a no-brainer to upgrade to 1Password v8. For 1Password Families, the long-standing feature, Default Vaults,' that is missing from v8 is very problematic. For more information, refer to

Also, before upgrading, I suggest that users review this Mac Power Users forum thread:


Don McAllister

Thanks for those links Jim. I have to admit I didn’t spot the removal of the default vault option as I didn’t have a need for that. I can see how useful it might be. Good to see that have acknowledged the issue and I would imagine that a solution will be available in a future release.

Jim Sauer

You’re most welcome, Don. I hope you are correct that a future version will include this feature (again). I’ve been tracking the beta and release feedback and decided that v8.0 is not worth the trouble. I’m hoping v7.x remains available until this and other issues are addressed.

Don, thanks for all of your great content at SCO. It’s incredibly well-produced and informative.

Antony Bacon

As a happy longtime user of 1Password, I upgraded to the new version 8 some weeks ago, but I quite quickly reverted to 7. I found 8 sometimes unreliable and without some helpful features I'm used to, and the overall feeling was that this was rushed out. I use 1P every day, so I couldn't spend the time adjusting and making workarounds. Not sure if that's just my view, but there do seem to be quite a few comments along similar lines over at the community forum,

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