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There are plenty of email clients out there for using existing email services in different ways. Invariably, these include plugins or kludges to enhance the original email service to work in a slightly different way.

HEY isn't an email client. It's a brand new email service that has been designed from the ground up to overhaul what email is and how it's used. Most people would agree that if you've had an email account for a while, things can get out of control, and it's so easy to end up in a complete mess. HEY provides the tools required to take control of your email and even make it a delight to use.

In this week's tutorial, Don takes you through the steps of setting up a free trial account with HEY, setting up mail forwarding from Apple Mail, and then screening your email to tame the deluge.

You'll never believe how much fun can be had with email!

The full tutorial covers:

  • Initial Setup
  • Mac Application
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Reply Now/Later & Set Aside
  • Contact Pages
  • Using The Screener
  • Further Screening
  • User Menu
  • Changing Subject Lines
  • HEY on iOS

App Store Links: HEY for iOS iOS App Store

Show Links: HEY Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Anthony Hindley

really well put together video. Clear and informative.


Jean-François Brissette

Hi Anthony,

I’m glad you enjoyed this screencast. I know that Don had a blast putting it together and I learned a lot editing it.

Have an excellent week.



Jean-François Brissette

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Don McAllister

Thanks Anthony, Glad you liked it!

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