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In this video, Lee completes his 3-part deep dive into Numbers for Mac. If the idea of using charts to represent your data has seemed a little daunting in the past, this is the video for you. The first half is dedicated solely to charts, looking at the different types you can set up and the use cases behind them, as well as formatting them so they look their best. Lee also shows you how to find information on complex functions, and wraps up with additional features not covered in the previous two videos.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Chart Basics [00:00:45]
  • Bar Charts [00:04:43]
  • Pie Charts [00:06:10]
  • Donut Chart [00:06:49]
  • Radar Chart [00:07:19]
  • Stackable Charts [00:08:56]
  • Interactive Charts [00:11:20]
  • 2-Axis Charts [00:12:12]
  • Scatter Charts [00:13:06]
  • Bubble Charts [00:13:51]
  • Styling Charts [00:14:44]
  • 3D Charts [00:25:56]
  • Styling Chart Elements [00:27:39]
  • Creating Custom Styles [00:29:20]
  • Label Rows and Group Summaries [00:30:58]
  • Functions [00:33:51]
  • The Toolbar [00:37:23]
  • Using Comments [00:40:03]
  • Preferences [00:43:28]

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Numbers - App Store

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Numbers - User Guide for Mac

Numbers - User Guide for Mac on Apple Books

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