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Have you ever wanted to create your own website but the thought of learning HTML and CSS scared you away? Thankfully, you don't have to know how to write HTML or any other web language to use RapidWeaver 8!

RapidWeaver is an all-in-one website design and publishing application that has everything you need to create and publish a website. It has a simple to understand interface that allows you to customize your website in a "what you see is what you get" way - while the coding happens behind the scenes. We have covered RapidWeaver in the past but with the new RapidWeaver 8 combined with our new Foundations series, we thought it was worth covering this great application from start to finish.

In this screencast Todd shows you how to choose and customize a theme, add pages to your site and then test it on multiple devices. He wraps up this basics course with a look at publishing your site locally and then to the web. The full tutorial covers

  • Installation & Setup
  • Interface Overview
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Using the Resource Browser
  • Changing the Master Style
  • Creating Web Icons
  • Adding a Styled Text Page
  • Adding a Photo Gallery
  • Adding a Photo Slideshow
  • Add Pages to Outside Sites
  • Blog Page
  • File Sharing Page
  • Add a Contact Form
  • Adding a Site Map
  • Testing Your Website
  • Publishing Your Site

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Dag Inge Fjeld

Hey Todd! How would you categorise Rapidweaver in relation to Squarespace and Wix? I have tried to build web-pages with them, but find it difficult to get the sites perfect enough. Rapidweaver seems like more of a precision tool for web-site creation? Do you have any thoughts on how it places itself in the landscape of tools?



Todd Olthoff

RapidWeaver does allow for more customization in terms of the theme and some of the things you can add on to your site than either of those services. You do have to keep the site up yourself through a hosting service though as those services are hosting plus website customization. You also have to have access to a Mac with your RapidWeaver installation it as it is not an online tool that you can use from any browser (though you could get some plugins that might make that work). Hope that helps place it tool wise compared to the two mentioned. If you like full control and don't mind getting the plugins you need to get your site just the way you want it and don't need remote access or web access then RapidWeaver is a great tool for that.

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