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Apple's Mail has been around for a long time and is for the most part a solid email program that of course plays well within the Apple ecosystem. But there are times when users may need or want more features. Spark by Readdle is an email client that brings some of those additional features. We covered this app several years ago here at ScreenCastsOnline, but felt it was time to give it a fresh look with Todd as your guide. You go over the basics of the app, then dive into its signature features, such as Smart Inbox, templates, the ability to schedule emails, as well as its ability to integrate with some third-party apps and services.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Setup
  • Interface Overview
  • Customizing the Sidebar
  • Composing an Email
  • Customizing Signatures
  • Email Templates
  • Scheduling Email
  • The Smart Inbox
  • Swipe Features
  • Quick Actions
  • Quick Reply
  • Setting Up Services
  • Calendars
  • Notifications and Shortcuts

App Store Links:

Spark - Mac App Store

Show Links:

Spark - Home

Spark for Teams

Spark Blog

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Dr. John Whitesell

Well done, Todd! I had the same journey as you did when you started with Spark on iOS. When I discovered the enhanced features for MacOS, I quickly replaced Apple Mail (and AirMail) to get the syncing features across my devices. Spark is an elegant email client that is easy to use.

Todd Olthoff

Glad you enjoyed it! Awesome to hear you had the same journey! It’s really been pretty solid for me and it’s nice to have the same interface across devices!

Greg Martin

Is there going to be an update for Spark 3?


Simone Baldovino

Would be so useful

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