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Web development has certainly been a hot topic over the decades with apps coming and going, overall making it easier to design your own website. Follow along with Darcy as he shows you Sparkle, an app that integrates AI-generation into a website builder. Simply type in the core idea of your website and a fully fledged and individualised template will be generated with multiple pages, layouts, buttons and even contact forms. You also learn how to use the many navigation and structural elements Sparkle offers.The full tutorial covers:

  • New Websites [00:01:02]
  • User Interface [00:03:20]
  • Buttons [00:09:33]
  • Contact Forms [00:10:21]
  • Maps [00:12:21]
  • Adding Content [00:12:34]
  • Adding Structure [00:16:17]
  • Adding Navigation [00:23:06]
  • Adding Social Media Profiles [00:23:58]
  • Sparkle Settings [00:25:00]

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