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In the second part of this two-part series, Lee dives deeper into TickTick by looking at some of its advanced features. These include managing focus with the built-in Pomodoro Timer, prioritising tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix, and developing good habits with the habit tracker included in TickTick.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Adding Subtasks & Comments [00:01:05]
  • Adding Attachments to Tasks [00:03:08]
  • More Task Actions [00:04:43]
  • Task Activities [00:05:08]
  • Calendar Mode [00:05:40]
  • Collaboration [00:11:16]
  • Pomodoro Timer [00:15:07]
  • The Eisenhower Matrix [00:21:35]
  • Habit Tracking [00:25:27]
  • TickTick Preferences [00:29:53]

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TickTick - Mac App Store

TickTick - iOS App Store

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TickTick - Web Interface

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