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With all the buzz and noise around ChatGTP it can be hard to really understand its use case. How can this amazing technology help in my day-to-day life? In this tip Darcy walks you through Typing Mind, an app designed to simplify the ChatGPT experience with features and customisations that make it feel even more like interacting with a professional. No matter your goal, Typing Mind will help you on your journey. Besides the macOS version available via a Setapp subscription, you also learn about its web app, along with the various pricing options depending on your needs.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Typing Mind on Setapp [00:00:52]
  • Using Characters [00:02:47]
  • Prompt Library [00:04:20]
  • Upload Documents [00:05:41]
  • Chat Features [00:06:16]
  • Accessing the App [00:08:52]
  • Get an API Key [00:09:12]
  • Purchase Options [00:11:00]

Show Links:

Typing Mind on Setapp

Typing Mind - Website

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