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Following on from the recent UniFi Express screencast, Don takes a look at the iOS companion app, WiFiman. This iOS app allows you to monitor your UniFi network and optimise the placement of access points. It also has a built-in zero configuration VPN service called Teleport, which allows you to access your network easily and securely from anywhere.

Join Don as he takes you through all of the features of WiFiman using his own home network, complete with a walk-through showing you where all his access points are located.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Running Speed Tests [00:00:46]
  • Signal [00:04:06]
  • Floor Plan Live Demo [00:06:07]
  • Discovery [00:11:35]
  • Teleport [00:12:18]

App Store Links:

Ubiquiti WiFiman - iOS App Store

Show Links:

Apple Support Document - Wi-Fi roaming support on Apple devices

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