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Tip - Carbon Copy Cloner 6 Update

Date : 27th September 2022

Duration: 06:52

Show ref: SCOM1190

With many changes added in Carbon Copy Cloner 6, we've released an update to the full show by Allison, which covered the app in great detail. With the basics already under your belt, Darcy gets you up to speed by looking at the new interface elements, customised automation for scheduled backups, deeper folder monitoring, and more.

Carbon Copy Cloner - Foundation

Date : 17th January 2020

Duration: 47:49

Show ref: SCOM0909

Carbon Copy Cloner is a modern, powerful and yet simple to use backup utility.

It includes the usual methods of cloning to an external drive on a schedule, but it also allows you to back up to another Mac, or even a disk image stored on network-attached storage.

If you want more advanced features, it can do things like power on your Mac to execute the clone, only clone on weekdays, run scripts before and after the clone, and much much more.

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Carbon Copy Cloner & Clean My Mac 2

Date : 28th September 2013

Duration: 28:33

Show ref: SCOM0419

With iOS 7 now launched, thoughts turn to OSX Mavericks, due out in a month or two. The upgrade process for a Mac is very different than for an iOS device, with potentially a lot more data at stake.

So my recommendation would be to get a bootable backup strategy in place and start thinking about cleaning up your Mac.

So this show runs through two applications that will help you do just that - Carbon Copy Cloner & Clean My Mac 2