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Tip - Planning a Vacation with Citymapper

Date : 13th February 2024

Duration: 11:53

Show ref: SCOM1334

In show 1332, Lee introduced you to Citymapper, a great iOS application and web service that allows you to find the most efficient ways to travel between two locations. In this follow-up tip video, Lee takes it a step further and shows you how to use it to effectively plan a vacation, by saving routes and points of interest as well as looking at maps and timetables for destinations that you may not be familiar with.

Tip - Citymapper

Date : 6th February 2024

Duration: 12:03

Show ref: SCOM1332

Whilst preparing for the family vacation, Lee discovered Citymapper, a web service with an easy-to-use iPhone app that made the planning of this break a breeze. Using Citymapper, Lee was able to map all of the points of interests that the family wanted to cover, look at the most cost-efficient ways of travelling between them and make the most of his time there.

In this video, you see how to find the city you want to visit, add favourite places, look at different modes of transportation, as well as identify the best routes for you.