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Tip - CleanMyMac X

Date : 20th April 2021

Duration: 12:04

Show ref: SCOM1040

Over time, your Mac device can get bloated with applications, old files, and system junk, to name a few. All of this can result in slower performance, usually when you are trying to do something of importance!

Enter CleanMyMac X, a one-stop solution for managing storage, keeping applications optimised, and your computer protected.

In this video, Lee walks you through the functionality that this toolbox application has to offer, including running regular scans, carrying out maintenance scripts, uninstalling application, and more.

Tip - Space Lens

Date : 4th June 2019

Duration: 07:52

Show ref: SCOM0844

CleanMyMac X is a fantastic utility for ensuring that your Mac is always kept in tip-top condition. We've covered the overall functionality of Clean My Mac X in several episodes but in this tip video, Don takes a look at a new module in CleanMyMac X and that's Space Lens.

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CleanMyMac 3, Colorfy, Pigment & Touchpress

Date : 9th January 2016

Duration: 42:12

Show ref: SCOM0539

Last week we had a single topic that covered all platforms. This week, it's a combined Mac, iOS and Apple TV episode. With the new single episode each week, we can now be flexible to accommodate either single cross platform topics or break the show into multiple, unrelated segments - just like this week.

In this week's episode I show you how to optimise your Mac, de-stress by colouring in on your iPad (!) and appreciate classical music on your Apple TV.